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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> the clerk will report the title of the joint resolution. maria: breaking news chaos on capitol hill as house democrats, paul ryan stage they failed and the house adjourned until after july 4th. i'm nicole pedallides. robert: i am lauren simonetti. voters in the uk are going to the polls for a historic vote on whether to leave the european union. live reports from across europe.
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nicole: stock market futures have some momentum over the last hour, triple digit gains, the tao two third up, s&p up 13. lauren: stocks jumping in the uk, the nikkei up 1%, shanghai composite in china down 1/2%. nicole: stocks in europe open, higher this moment, they start 1/2% higher and all three indexes higher by 1%. london 40 up 1%, the cac quarante gaining 1%. lauren: oil prices are a factor in stock trading by 1/2%, $49.38 a barrel. nicole: donald trump and hillary clinton trade insults in speeches. lauren: it is thursday, june 23rd. thank you for joining us, welcome to "cavuto coast to coast" for the latest breaking news and what to expect in the day ahead.
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nicole: chaos overnight as democrats stage a sit in on the house floor to demand votes on gun control legislation. john lewis meeting 200 lawmakers refusing to let republicans resume regular business until the house voted on gun control. 10 hours later, paul ryan convened to hold a brief series of votes speaking loudly over the protesters. take a listen. >> the business of the house to be conducted in a fashion that reflects positively on the dignity and decorum of this institution. >> in either of the votes were related, democrats continue to protest, the house has adjourned after voting on a final sitting plan to fight the visa firing. >> voters in great britain head to the polls, if the united
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kingdom will remain a member of the union. ashley webster live with the latest for us. >> this is the day we have been waiting for, all the rhetoric. the people of the united kingdom, how many people are going to turn out and vote? we had tremendous storms in the southern part of england. in some areas it has stopped raining, the less people come out the more likely it is the uk will vote to get out of the e.u.. the polls have been open for many hours. plenty of time for people to get out there. i am outside one of the main polling stations in westminster around the corner at 10 downing st. home to prime minister david cameron. an hour and a half ago we were
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here when david cameron arrived, they get out, the large number of media walk inside to cast his ballot. people shouting at him, what way did you vote? he did not make any comments to the media. he got in his car and left. and the actual day of the vote. if you are not expecting him to say anything at all, the early hours of the morning or later, and media outlets by breakfast time tomorrow morning, by 4:00, we should get a sense of which way this is going to go. we will be here hour after hour
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following it for you. >> stay with foxbusiness for coverage of the e.u. referendum. special coverage begins at 7:00 eastern and go throughout the night and join us on "mornings," we will be there with the results. lauren: the pound is at the highest level of 2016. how will the outcome of the british exit vote affect germany? adam schapiro following that part of the story and joins us now from berlin. adam: in germany, they predicted should the citizens of the uk vote to leave the european union it could cause total gdp a loss of 1/2%. let me show you the headline today in the daily mirror in berlin. you can see they are very interested in the outcome of
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what people call the vote from the citizens of the uk, whether to stay or leave the e.u.. a great many people in berlin, we met one of them, political consultant who advises politicians throughout the european union but lives in berlin. his name is john worth and he said this is too close to call. >> tension in pound sterling and the briton would leave the european union. the pound sterling would lose a third of a percentage of its value. it is gone in an instant. there is also the issue of the pensioners, about healthcare because we have entitlements to healthcare for free anywhere else in the rest of the european union thanks to the european health insurance, what would happen? would they still have that healthcare entitlement?
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adam: on glenn merkel's meeting yesterday and today with austrian chancellor and will meet later today with business leaders, leaders of trade unions in germany. they are preparing for the vote but on glenn merkel -- angela merkel is keeping opinions close to her chest because she doesn't believe it would be -- how they should vote. in the same interest of everybody if the uk remained in the european union. the german stock index, 30 largest companies, trading higher today. in germany and german stocks, believe that the uk will vote to remain. we won't know this for 24 hours which they are watching this in germany and i will throw it back to you in new york. nicole: most of the traders we
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are speaking with they, likely to see up arrows, they believe that to be true. better manufacturing numbers in germany so that could be happening. lauren: the ftse is at a two week high going along with what you are saying. leaders here at home viewing the uk vote, peter barnes joining us from washington. the war of words continuing as donald trump and hillary clinton trade jabs on the campaign trail, president obama, secretary of state and her conduct as a us senator. >> he is a world-class liar. and sony landing. her phony landing in bosnia where she said she was under attack and the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers. nicole: trump's proposals will hurt the economy according to hillary clinton. >> donald trump offers no real
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solution for economic challenges we face. just continues to spout reckless ideas that will run up our debts and cause another economic crash. nicole: clinton ads trump is going after her personally because he has no answers on the substance. nicole: donald trump kicked back his support of donald rumsfeld, rumsfeld told greta van susteren it was an easy choice for him. >> i am a republican. i don't expect i should agree with everybody on everything with two great political plays. i could not vote for mrs. clinton.
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>> are you endorsing trump or supporting him? >> i don't know there is any difference. >> this endorsement. >> no one asked me for my endorsement. clearly i'm going to vote for him. lauren: rumsfeld said he never met donald trump but says he is preferable to hillary clinton. according to the conservative watchdog judicial watch, invokes the fifth amendment, more than 125 times, closed-door deposition, working off of an index card and read the same statement each time. he was a central figure in the setup and management of clinton's personal email server she used exclusively for government business when she was secretary of state. brian pagliaro was deposed as part of a lawsuit seeking clinton emails and other records. nicole: we continue to check everything ahead of the vote this evening and see how markets are fluctuating.
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we begin with asia, a mixed bag. the shanghai composite index down 1/2% and the cosby down one 12:45%, japan's nikkei up 1% and the hong kong hang seng up one third of 1%. >> some obstinance that great britain will stay in the european union because the ftse in london is up 1-1/4%, currency at a 2016 high. the dax in germany up one and a half%, the cac in paris up one and a half%. the metal stocks are up today. >> let's look at us stock market futures with momentum continuing. we were up 1/2% a couple hours ago, now up a fool 1%. dow futures up 164. s&p futures up. >> oil is trading with an up arrow this morning up $.30, $39.33 a barrel, gold up fractionally, $12.70 an ounce. nicole: the pound at the highest level of 2016, the euro, the
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pound against the euro's -- the us dollar. donald trump weighs in on the british exit and we have more on that with "mornings with maria". >> it is a mess. when you look at what happened as an example, the migration, the things going on over there my inclination would be go it alone. nicole: we will look at how washington views the british referendum and wild weather hits the midwest. tornadoes touching down in illinois. maria molina will have the forecast. you are watching "fbn a.m.," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network,
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nicole: let's get you caught up on what is happening out, voting underway in the uk whether the nation should leave the european union. the results will have a worldwide implication on the market. republicans voted yesterday after the july 4th recess in spite of a 16 hour sit in with democratic colleagues who wanted a vote on gun-control measures. donald trump and hillary clinton, directed hard-hitting comments at each other. you can see tao is flying, it is
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168 points. so is the nasdaq. nicole pedallides has a look at what is happening now. nicole: if they think would britain's days in the euro zone. how are leaders here at home in the united states viewing the british exit vote? peter barnes joins us from washington with details. >> reporter: president obama, treasury secretary jack lew, no word on their agenda. you can bet they will be talking about brexit. the president went to london to urge british voters to stay in the e.u.. he said leading would hurt britain in trade. the white house said the president had no additional comment on the vote. >> we have to see what the outcome is. we have been clear about the president's view the united states -- from having uk as a member of a strong e.u. of the
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british people should decide for themselves. >> reporter: the fed is watching the vote. janet yellen warned a uk vote to exit would have serious economic repercussions on the global economy. in its latest policy meeting the fed kept its benchmark rate unchanged and low siting in part the brexit vote. if britain votes to quit the e.u. the us and other nations are expected to take steps to steady financial markets. nicole: thank you very much. coming up we will have more on this historic vote. a little over 3 hours now. we will go live to london and berlin for some reaction and perspective and take a look at how kia beat out all the luxury automakers including bmw and porsche in the latest car quality survey and checking in on stock futures ahead of "the
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opening bell" ahead of this vote in the uk whether that nation stays in the european union. markets are up in a big way. 1% gain for the tao, the nasdaq and the s&p in the premarket. you are watching "fbn a.m.," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. x÷x÷
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cleveland knew how to pack in the crowd, 1 million fans. flights were delayed because crew s could not make it to their plane and the off-season for the nba begins. all eyes on to where kevin durant will go but they made a move to turn some heads and justin holiday and second-round pick in addition to roads. and return new york sent robin lopez with gerri and grant to the rules. in baseball check this cat, chase utley failed to grab the foul ball for the boules, but they are behind for the quick reflexes to nab it for that out. they went up on the dodgers
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3-numtwo in the eighth inning with a man on base, came through in the bottom of the ninth, left-center field, got past michael taylor and scored numfour-3 for the dodgers. nba draft is tonight too. >> heavy storms, 15 tornadoes rolling through northern illinois. 12,000 people lost pow and some mobile homes destroyed, 400 flights canceled at chicago's two main airports and heavy weather that hit downtown chicago forced 50,000 fans attending the american match at soldier field had to take cover until the storm blue over. now the weather in southern california gave firefighters help as they battle dangerous wildfires, severe heat wave let
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up and firefighters made progress against two fires northeast of los angeles. some evacuations were lifted. maria molina has more on the severe weather we have been seeing throughout the country. maria: reported tornadoes and damaging winds span several states from illinois to indiana into parts of the mid-atlantic, severe weather, the storm system is on the move and we could be seeing more active weather across ohio, kentucky, west virginia and other areas in the mid-atlantic and continues into friday as well. still looking at several days with more severe weather and heavy rain from storms, potentially seeing 6 inches of rain in some areas like parts of virginia and west virginia, flash flooding will be a concern. otherwise the heat across portions of the plains, in texas many areas expect temperatures in the upper 90s and triple
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digits this afternoon. nicole: your red death -- red dress matches the heat. lauren: we will turn to automakers, kia showed up in the latest initial quality study placing first out of 33 brands. rated by the number of flaws found by owners in their cars in the first 90 days of ownership, first time in 27 years a non-luxury brand has come in first. porsche cayman second, hyundai came in third. >> the biggest complaint among these car owners, voice recognition software in their cars. maybe kia owners and hyundai owners are less likely to do these things. a crazy night on capitol hill as lawmakers work through the night and democrats g or house speaker paul ryan.
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>> the clerk will report the title of the joint resolution. nicole: we have the latest. voters going to the polls in britain for the historic vote whether to stay in the european union. we have live results from across europe. you are watching "fbn a.m.". if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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nicole: voters in the uk heading for the polls on whether to leave the european union, live reports across europe and the reaction in washington. >> house democrats and you speaker paul ryan. the house has just adjourned until after july 4th. >> check stock market futures, the dow is up 179 points, the
5:31 am
s&p up 1%. >> stocks in japan jump ahead of the uk results. let's check what is going on there. the nikkei is up, the hong kong and he k -- the shanghai composite down 1/2%. because the down one/4%. >> stocks trading to the upside, the ftse in london is up 1.7%, the dax in germany up 2.2%. we are watching oil prices, still a factor, below $50 a barrel but still holding onto some gains, $49.71 a barrel. >> donald trump and hillary clinton trading fire and insulting hard-hitting speeches. >> it is 5:301 am thursday, june 23rd. welcome to "fbn a.m.," your first look at today's markets. the latest breaking news all about the vote on the british
5:32 am
exit possibility and what to expect for the day ahead. nicole: decision day as voters head to the polls to determine if the united kingdom will remain a member of the european union. ashley webster live in london. ashley: good morning. the polls have been open 3.5 hours, they remain open until 10:00 pm local time. plenty of time for people to get out, $46 million eligible in the uk. the big question could determine the outcome, how many will come out and vote. it is suggested the count is not as high as expected favoring those who want to leave the european union. we have reports around the uk that voting has been steady, whatever that means. we will see as the day goes on. under a polling station in westminster one of the main polling stations for members of
5:33 am
parliament, an hour ago we saw david cameron, the british prime minister, arrived with his wife samantha. they jumped out of the car and quickly hustled into the voting area. there were a large number of cameras waiting to capture the moment and mister cameron and his wife came out, waved, smiled, which way did you vote, mister cameron? he smiled, got in the car and drove away, strict rules about campaigning on the day of the vote. it is not allowed. as for when we will find out, maybe by 4:00 local time we will get a sense of which way the vote is going, that will be 11:00 on the east coast, could be later depending on the turn out. we know some of the banks in the uk have begun their contingency plans sucking up cash for the atms making sure they work properly and concerns the vote is to leave, then trading of the london stock exchange could be
5:34 am
suspended to allow the initial reaction to die down. much at stake. people want to leave the e.u. june 23rd, independence day in the united kingdom. nicole: stay with foxbusiness for coverage of the e.u. referendum, special coverage begins at 7:00 pm eastern and goes throughout the night and join us tomorrow for "fbn a.m." special coverage. we will get up early, starting at 4:00 at 4:00 am eastern on the foxbusiness network. >> i will choose not to sleep tonight because this is an exciting time in history. how will this affect germany? europe's biggest economy. let's talk to adam shapiro following this part of the story and the odds leaning -- joining us from berlin, adam shapiro. >> in berlin they are hoping
5:35 am
political figures are hoping the uk and its citizens will vote to remain in the e.u.. on glimmer, has been cautious in her statements and you see her office, she is meeting with the austrian chancellor and holding a press conference but she is not expected to address the vote in the united kingdom, she is more concerned with the economic situation between austria and germany. the finance minister has been very vocal, coined the phrase out is out, in is in and said it would be difficult to negotiate new trade deals but what about the people from the united kingdom who live throughout the e.u. a lot of them in berlin. we spoke to a political consistent advising politicians across the e.u. what life would be like for him and he told us. >> i think the european union itself might work out better if britain were to leave. britain has been the complicated
5:36 am
member state of the european union. the country that doesn't participate in the euro for the border freezone. a difficult relationship with the european union. if britain were not in it would make policymaking in the european union a little earlier. >> what is interesting is after the outcome, next week the chancellor in germany on glimmer:leaders from france to discuss rebuilding the e.u. whether the united kingdom leaves. no matter what the outcome, we are watching from london. back to you. >> global economy front and center. for how leaders here at home are viewing the uk vote. peter barnes will join us from washington in a little bit.
5:37 am
lauren: democrat status it in on the house floor to demand a vote on gun control legislation. congressman john lewis meeting 200 lawmakers refusing to let republicans resume regular business until the house voted on gun control. 10 hours later house speaker paul ryan convened the chamber to hold a brief series of votes speaking loudly over the protesters. take a listen. >> the chair would hope the business of the house could be conducted in a fashion the represents and respect positively on the dignity and decorum of this institution to which we all belong. nicole: neither of the votes were related to guns. is democrats democrat for the house, the house has adjourned after voting on a final spending plan to fight the zika virus. lauren: the war of words continues with donald trump and
5:38 am
hillary clinton trading jabs. donald trump attacking clinton's actions as president obama's secretary of state and her conduct as us senator. >> a world-class liar. look at her pathetic email server or phony landing in bosnia when she said she was under attack and the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers. lauren: hillary clinton says trump's proposals will hurt the us economy. >> donald trump offers no solution for the economic challenges we face. he just continues to spout reckless ideas that will run up the debt and cause another economic crash. lauren: hillary clinton adding donald trump is going after her
5:39 am
personally because he has no answers on the substance. nicole: getting caught up on market action overnight in asia a mixed bag, stocks in japan, the nikkei up 1%, stockton hong kong with a hiding thing up one third of 1%, the cosby in south korea down a quarter a 12:45%. lauren: the british referendum, will the uk stay in the euro zone or leave the euro zone? the polls close at 5:00 pm eastern time today. we are seeing stocks moving higher which means some people believe they are likely to remain. london footsie up 1.5%, the dax up 2%, the cac quarante in france up to% as well. >> checking how this is affecting stocks at home, the premarket, dow futures higher by 1% at 164 points, the s&p up 20 points and nasdaq futures gaining 48.
5:40 am
>> we are watching oil, not quite $50 a barrel but it is up $49.72 a barrel. gold pulling back to dollars at $12.57 of troy ounce. >> us stocks and the pound, the british currency trading and doing so again today, the uk pound ahead of the voting results at 148. a high for the year. the euro is higher against the us dollar. >> today something special, a rare technology, initial public offering at the stock exchange today. developers build applications that can interact with customers through messaging, video or voice. this lets uber passengers call or text their driver by connecting the mobile apps with the mobile network. they will begin trading under the ticker symbol twlo. the ipo price at $15 a share,
5:41 am
hopes to raise $150 million by selling 10 million shares. us listed ipos are on track or their worst year since the financial crisis. them pulled out because of unfavorable market conditions. >> an odd time for an ipo. let's look at headlines in the wall street journal, a judge strikes down obama rule on fracking on public land. a federal judge in wyoming ruled the interior department lacks the authority to issue stricter standards. astrazeneca's flu vaccine spray fails. it failed for a third year in a row prompting experts to recommend doctors stop giving it to patients. health officials say the traditional flu shot works better. the delaware court said the plan by redstone viacom's controlling shareholder to replace 5 directors is on hold until it can be determined if the 93-year-old is mentally
5:42 am
competent to make those decisions. lauren: new estimates on when social security will run out of money. more talk that the wealthy will have to pay more. >> don't put the social security tax on income above a certain level, that level is not very high, $10,000 a year, and a lot of people can afford to pay more. nicole: we have a story. wild weather hit the midwest, tornadoes touching down in illinois. maria molina will have the forecast. we are seeing a rally across the board in europe, here at home as we watch the vote very carefully. "fbn a.m.," first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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lauren: good morning, 5:45 in new york, voting underway on whether the nation should leave the european union. the net result will have worldwide markets. republicans voted early to adjourn the house until after the july 4th recess. the vote came in spite of a 16 hour sit in by democratic colleagues who wanted a vote on gun control measures. donald trump and hillary clinton both directed hard-hitting comments at each other. let's check us stock market
5:46 am
futures ahead of "the opening bell". we are seeing all up arrows, dow futures 151, s&p up 20. lauren: much of a global rally going on ahead of this vote in the uk. how are leaders in the us viewing the british exit vote? peter barnes joining us with those details. >> president obama made treasury secretary jack lew, no word, they are talking about brexit, urging voters to stay in the you owe, hurting britain in trade. the white house said the president would have no additional comments on the vote but fed chair janet yellen has been commenting a lot. she has warned about the brexit vote twice including to congress on tuesday. >> when developments shift investor sentiment is the upcoming referendum in the
5:47 am
united kingdom uk vote to exit the european union could have significant economic repercussions. >> reporter: at his latest policy meeting they kept the benchmark funds rate unchanged citing the uncertainty around the brexit vote. the fed could help steady financial markets by pushing more dollars as investors seek dollar-denominated assets for any quite quality investments like treasury securities. >> social security facing a major issue. funds will run dry, what are the plans to fix it? blake berman in washington with the details. >> 2034. the treasury department reiterating when social security is reserved will go dry.
5:48 am
from that year on social security and medicare board of trustees says payments to recipients will drop from anywhere in the range of 79 to 74%. the treasury secretary jetblue set a solution for pushing that time horizon could entail busting the security tax currently in place. >> we have to have a bipartisan discussion that will involve addressing the tax base. we don't put a social security tax on income above a certain level, it is $110,000 a year and there are as the president said a lot of people who can afford to pay more. >> reporter: another tactic targeting upper income earners. donald trump said he would not shrink social security benefits and would save the program by bringing jobs back into the country. hillary clinton vowed to expand the program that is currently in place. back to you in new york.
5:49 am
lauren: a wild weather in the midwest with tornadoes in illinois. maria molina will have the latest forecast. after bryan cranston moves from the meth lab in breaking bad, we will have that story. you are watching "fbn a.m.," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. closing the stage this afternoon for auditions? what's on that piece of paper? oh, miss maroney, your forehead! should not be doing anything. i just had botox. i know exactly what's happening! ah! whoa! this is a bad streaming experience. "the girlie show" is a real fun lady show. (vo) don't let bad streaming ruin a good show. don't look at me! (vo) only verizon has the largest, most reliable 4g lte network. can your network say that? switch now, buy two samsung phones and get a free tv, plus up to $650 back. only on america's best network.
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>> pictures from moments ago at the polling station in the united kingdom where all the voters are turning out to decide whether the united kingdom decides to remain or leave the
5:53 am
european union. let's get you caught up on global market action we have been seeing overnight, the nikkei in japan up 1%, the shanghai composite index pulled back. here's a look at european markets gaining all morning but they are off of earlier highs, the german dax up over 2%. the cac quarante in france up 2%. that is up 1.8% and the london footsie up 1.4% at this moment. us stock market futures trading to the upside. dow jones industrial average up 150 points, s&p up 20, and affect futures higher by 48 points. all of that is 1% this morning. the uk pound has moved to the highest level of the year 2016. do people believe the uk will choose to stay in the european union? canadian dollar, stronger against the us dollar today.
5:54 am
>> we heard crazy call that the pound could go to 30% should british eve the e.u.. heavy storms, 15 tornadoes rolled through illinois last night. in pontiac most of the town of 12,000 lost power. some mobile homes destroyed. 400 flights canceled at chicago's two major airports. >> the weather in southern california gave firefighters and help as they battle dangerous wildfires in los angeles and severe hate waves did not let up and that let firefighters make progress against two fires in the mountains 20 miles northeast of los angeles. restrictions were lifted. lauren: maria molina here with more on severe weather. maria: a little good news in california, but across the midwest extremely active weather with severe weather unfolding across illinois, indiana and ohio and west virginia and a storm system is going to
5:55 am
continue and we bring the threat for additional severe weather across portions of the ohio river valley and extending into the mid-atlantic with damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes possible and the same storm system keeps moving southeast and by friday bringing in the risk of additional severe storms across portions of the carolinas. a big concern is storms will produce heavy rainfall across the mid-atlantic and we are looking at four to six inches of rain, flash flooding will be a concern across the southern plains, the heat continues, temperatures in the upper 90s and triple digits across texas and oklahoma. >> if you are brian canst in man, this story is for you. bryan cranston announced on twitter he will play gordon in the upcoming power rangers, the histogram account confirms news the cranston will play the floating face the guys the power
5:56 am
rangers on special missions. in 2017, starring elizabeth banks. >> global market action, there is a lot of it. stay with us. please have a seat.
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of untapped talent at >> will britain choose to remain in the european union or leave? the polls close at 5:00 pm eastern time. stocks are higher across the board in european trading. stills and sizable gains, london footsie up 1.5%, the dax in germany up 1.9% of the cac quarante up 1.9%. turning to us stock index futures, started this morning 1/2%, continuing momentum to the upside, dow futures up 151, s&p futures up 20, some believe the odds are more likely britain will remain in the euro zone but we won't know until later. tomorrow morning we started 4:00
6:00 am
and the uk pound 148. we turn it over to "mornings with maria" and say good morning to you. maria: good morning. i am maria bartiroma. it is thursday, june 23rd, top stories 6 am on the east coast. the brits are going to the polls in this historic referendum on whether the uk should leave the european union. prime minister david cameron with his wife samantha will talk about the attacks on us and global markets coming up as we see a rally underway. chaos erupting, a sit in over gun control. republicans tried to restore order. >> radical islam. maria: on to the race for the white house dozens of business executives will throw their support behind hillary clinton for president over donald trump. e


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